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The VREC Specialty Services


Orthopedic and neurosurgery, surgical oncology, and general soft tissue/reconstructive surgery. Medical management of surgical patients.

Internal Medicine/Critical Care

Management of critically ill patients. Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory, gastrointestinal, hepatic, renal, endocrine, hematologic, cardiac, and neurologic diseases of small animal patients.


Diagnosis and treatment of cancer utilizing a combination of traditional therapies, including chemotherapy and radiation as well as state-of-the-art therapies such as biological therapy and immunotherapy.


Radiographic interpretations/consultations, radiology services, ultrasound, echocardiograms, nuclear medicine, radioactive iodine (I131) treatment and advanced imaging (CT Scan/MRI) procedures.

Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation

Therapeutic exercise programs, aquatic therapy, gait training and therapeutic ultrasound.


Diagnosis and treatment of ocular disorders, including corneal diseases, cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the skin, ears, haircoat, and nails of animals, including atopic dermatitis, ectoparasites, infections, otitis media, and immune-mediated dermatoses.

Emergency and Critical Care

Evening, weekend and holiday critical care services to stabilize and maintain pets with cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and endocrine, urinary, reproductive, traumatic or gastrointestinal emergencies.